Johannes N., Danish physical chemist, 1879-1947. See: Brønsted acid, Brønsted base, Brønsted theory.
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However, it is risky to use clay as compatibilizer because transesterification reaction between PC and PMMA chains can be catalyzed as this aluminosilicate can produce Lewis or Bronsted sites at high temperatures.
Therefore, protic ionic liquids (PIL) with comparatively cheap and easy stoichiometric combination of a Bronsted acid with a Bronsted base have gained much attention [7].
Green, one-pot, solvent-free synthesis of 1,2,4,5-Tetrasubstituted imidazoles using a bronsted acidic ionic liquid as novel and reusable catalyst, Synthetic Communications, 40: 2588-2591.
Although it exists only in the gas phase, its Bronsted acidity should be extremely powerful.
After screening a variety of Lewis and Bronsted acids, we have developed a silver trifluromethanesulfonate promoted 2,3-rearrangement of O-a Ilyihydroxylamines.
3]/bentonite nanocomposite and Na-bentonite in each sample weight (mmol/g) both Bronsted acid sites and Lewis acid sites without seeing how strong acidic sites.
Shenderovich, IG, "Mutable Lewis and Bronsted Acidity of Aluminated SBA-15 as Revealed by NMR of Adsorbed Pyridine-(15)N" Langmuir, 27 (19) 12115-12123 (2011)
These activators are based on Bronsted acids having a pKa of 2 to 6 or their salts, such as ammonium salts.
Maleic acid (cis-2-butene-1, 4-dioic acid), is known to undergo isomerization on treatment with a Bronsted acid or bromine in aqueous or organic medium at higher temperatures to form the thermodynamically more stable trans isomer.
3] and Bronsted acids are hydrochloric acid (HC1), carboxylic acid (RCOOH), water or alkyl halides such as (C[H.
The first 3 groups have Bronsted acidic properties and provide a pH-dependent cation exchange capacity to biochar particles.
Coverage encompasses all acid-catalyzed Friedel-Crafts-like acylation reactions, including classic Lewis and Bronsted acid types, as well as innovative multicomponent super-acid catalysts.