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(brŏng′kē-ōl) plural.bronchioles [L. bronchiolus, air passage]
One of the smaller subdivisions of the bronchial tubes. Bronchioles have no cartilage in their walls; they also have few glands in their mucosa.

respiratory bronchiole

The last division of the bronchial tree. Respiratory bronchioles are branches of terminal bronchioles and continue to the alveolar ducts, which lead to the alveoli.

terminal bronchiole

The next-to-last subdivision of a bronchiole, leading to the respiratory bronchioles.


Small airways extending from the bronchi into the lobes of the lungs.
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In the cavy, the pseudoglandular phase was associated with the development of the bronchi and bronchioles with a simple cuboid epithelium, as described for mice (WARBURTON et al.
Among the cases, abnormal terminal bronchioles and pulmonary vessels showing features of peribronchiolitis and perivasculitis appeared as thickening in the wall of terminal bronchiole and in the wall of pulmonary vessels due to lymphocytic infiltration (Figure-4).
Histologically massive exudate was present in the bronchioles predominantly comprises of eosinophils lymphocytes macrophages and giant cells.
8) This type of injury causes fibrosis (thickening and scarring) of the bronchioles, which is the underlying cause of bronchiolitis obliterans.
Scarce attachment of avian influenza viruses to bronchioles and alveoli of harbor seals is consistent with low pathogenicity of these viruses for harbor seals during experimental infection (4-6).
The injected stem cells differentiated into new bronchioles, alveoli and pulmonary vessel cells which not only formed new lung tissue, but also integrated structurally to the existing lung tissue in the mice.
The NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer creates a low-volume irrigation effect with particles small enough to deposit medication in the right places yet large enough not to enter the lungs or bronchioles.
inhaled, could reach the peripheral regions of the bronchioles in the lungs,
These nerves stimulate visceral organs such as the heart muscles and other smooth muscles found in bronchioles, arteries and veins.
A bedside flexible bronchoscopy was performed, which showed sloughing of the lining of the large airways and bronchioles.
At just 10 weeks old, Kate's son Jake was diagnosed with bronchiolitis - an inflammation of the lung's bronchioles common among babies.
Where in your body would you find bronchioles and alveoli?