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Urine, bronchial lavage, and pleural fluid had no unique miRNA-species in the samples we tested (Table 2).
Cultures from bronchial lavage of our patient were positive for M.
The approach allows clinicians to use small amounts of sample for genetic analysis or non-invasive sample collection methods such as a blood draw to enable detection of mutant DNA species present in serum or plasma, circulating tumor cells, urine, or bronchial lavage specimens.
Microbiologic results of a bronchial lavage specimen were negative, and microscopic examination found no acid-fast bacilli.
Plasma and cell-free bronchial lavage supernatants (BL) were prepared as described (7).
Samples of bronchial lavage lung fluid and tissue were taken from all mice, with assays performed in airway mucus build-up and eosinophil infiltration, a prime blood cell measure of asthmatic attacks.
By determining the level of CTGF peptides in human fluids, including urine, blood and bronchial lavage fluid, physicians may more effectively track fibrotic disorders, which are marked by high levels of tissue scarring that ultimately can lead to a loss of organ function.
In addition, detection of microsatellites in other body fluids, including bone marrow aspirates, urine, sputum, and bronchial lavage fluid, was presented.
These fluid samples, such as ascites, pleural effusions, sputum, bronchial lavage or washings, urine or bladder washings, oral rinses, and plasma, can be obtained largely through noninvasive or minimally invasive means.
After bronchoscopy, 2 of 3 bronchial lavage (BAL) samples were found to be positive for acid-fast coccobacilli by microscopy, and rapidly growing, deep orange mycobacteria grew in all 3 cultures.
The enhanced analytic sensitivity of COLD-PCR allows clinicians to use smaller amounts of sample for their genetic analysis and less intrusive sample collection methods such as a blood draw for serum or plasma preparation, urine, fine needle aspirates or bronchial lavage as well as studying mutated DNA in tumors directly.
Mucosal biopsies were obtained from different sites and bronchial lavage fluid was also taken.