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The main difference between a heart attack and broken heart syndrome is the fact that while the former is caused by one or more blockage in the arteries of the heart, the latter is simply caused by temporary reduction in blood flow in the passageways of the heart.
VALENTINE'S Day is fast approaching so there may be a few broken hearts from those who get shunned by a loved one.
Broken heart syndrome shares many physical traits of a heart attack.
Given the absence of coronary artery disease, the likelihood is that this was also a stress-induced sudden death due to high levels of adrenaline and this is a form of broken heart syndrome," Dr Lyon said.
18) His maternal great-uncle Lord Chief Justice Popham had been held prisoner in Essex House at the start of the rebellion, and his first published work, Fame's Memorial, had been dedicated to Essex's sister Penelope Devereux, whose ill-fated love affairs have often been taken to have provided the plot-line for The Broken Heart.
You left behind a broken heart and precious memories too but I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.
Summary: Pop queen Alexandra Burke may be nursing a broken heart but she is not letting that get in the way of previewing her new album.
So that emotional sense of the broken heart may actually lead to damage leading to a heart attack and a physical broken heart of a sort," he added.
THEY say a broken heart can kill you, but for one teenage girl and her little sister, falling in love really could prove fatal.
PEOPLE who lose a loved one really can die of a broken heart, according to research.
Sadly, healing his broken heart may take a little longer.