Broken Hearted

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Depressed, generally referring to being ‘crushed’ by grief or despair
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I was broken hearted when I heard that I must go back all that long and terrible voyage to Egypt; {47} nevertheless, I answered, 'I will do all, old man, that you have laid upon me; but now tell me, and tell me true, whether all the Achaeans whom Nestor and I left behind us when we set sail from Troy have got home safely, or whether any one of them came to a bad end either on board his own ship or among his friends when the days of his fighting were done.
Thus spoke Proteus, and I was broken hearted as I heard him.
Being proposed to is all very nice and all that sort of thing, but it isn't at all a happy thing when you have to see a poor fellow, whom you know loves you honestly, going away and looking all broken hearted, and to know that, no matter what he may say at the moment, you are passing out of his life.
Broken hearted Sister Susie, Brother-in-law Steven and Nephew Luke xxx BERRY - JEAN (PEANA), December 13, 2014.
Tom, it's been three years today since you left us broken hearted.
Love you so much, your broken hearted wife Kathy Mom, daughters Maggie and Josie and all the family.
In counterbalance to this abortive project, however, he adapted to the screen, or to put it more accurately, fashioned a significantly different script from What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (1996), his 1997 Montana Fiction Book Award winning follow-up to Once Were Warriors (1990).
Love you forever, from your broken hearted, Mam, Dad and family.
Love and miss you every day from your broken hearted wife Joan and all your family.
2006 Four lonely years, memories are mine to treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never, still loved, still missed, broken hearted Wife Betty xx
Your broken hearted Mum xxx (Give your Dad and Jody a big hug from me.
Your loving hubby Billy, broken hearted daughters and broken hearted sons; Lilian and family, Ray and family, Noel and family, Val and family, Micky and family.