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Korbinian, German neurologist, 1868-1918. See: Brodmann areas.
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1] No geral, o maior aumento do fluxo sanguineo ocorreu nos cortices auditivos primario e secundario, cortex motor primario, operculo frontal, insula, cerebelo posterior e area posterior 22 de Brodmann Terao et al.
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Saxena's view, is the retrosplenial posterior cingulate cortex, located in Brodmann areas 29 and 30.
Brodmann area 10), not related to liver disease (Brun and Andersson 2001).
This study is the continuation of a research program devoted to analyzing the participation of different Brodmann areas in language (Ardila, Bernal, & Rosselli, 2014a, 2014b; 2015; 2016a, 2016b, 2016c; Bernal, Ardila, & Rosselli, 2015, Rosselli, Bernal, & Ardila, 2015).
The subtle undercutting of the statement with the modal verb could suggests the possibility that Brodmann wasn't really famous: It was all a setup, an elaborate prank.
With the Wrtsil REvolution system, customers can focus on their core business and leave lifecycle management entirely to Wartsila, says Harald Brodmann, Hydro & Industrial segment manager from Wartsila.
Brodmann Area 47), which affect individuals' emotional regulation.
To better understand this diversity, researchers analyzed more than 3,200 single human neurons in six Brodmann areas, which are regions of the cerebral cortex classified by their functions and arrangements of neurons.
Les circuits frontostriato-limbiques comprennent les regions suivantes: l'amygdale, le cortex cingulaire anterieur, le cortex insulaire anterieur, le striatum ventral, cortex prefrontal median (aires de Brodmann 10/11/32), le cortex prefrontal ventrolateral (aires de Brodmann 45/47), le cortex prefrontal dorsolateral (aires de Brodmann 9/46) ainsi que le cortex cingulaire moyen et retrosplenial (aires de Brodmann 24/32 et CRS, aire de Brodmann 25) (voir figure 1) (Ladouceur, Versace & Phillips, 2015).