Max, German medical artist in the U.S., 1870-1941. See: Brödel bloodless line.
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79) La tipa del 306 [Suzie] no sabe si es gringa o pueltorra, brodel.
The collaborative work of culinary enthusiasts Paul Brodel and Carol Beckerman, "Everyday Cooking With The Halogen Oven" beautifully showcases 80 recipes specifically designed to take full advantage of a halogen oven.
19-21) Later, Huber and Brodel in the early 20th century illustrated, in meticulous 3-dimensional serial reconstructions and captured in elegant drawings, respectively, its embryologic basis (Figures 4 and 5).
The diamond drilling activities will be focused on infill and definition drilling throughout the 22-kilometre corridor of zinc-lead mineralization that includes three major zinc-lead deposits, XY, Anniv Central, and Anniv East, as well as five newly discovered deposits Brodel, HC, HC West, Don East, and Don that are amenable to open-pit mining.
A She was born Joan Agnes Theresa Sadie Brodel in Detroit, Michigan on January 26, 1925.
While in Michigan, he met his future wife, singer Mary Brodel, part of The Brodel Sisters vaudeville singing trio.
We had stayed at this aging, but still very elegant, hotel many years ago when I had made a special trip to meet with the famous neuroanatomist Alf Brodel to discuss unpublished research on neuroanatomic pathways.
Anonymous libels warn of Lucretia's whoredom: "For neuer was the shameless Fuluia, / Nor Lais noted for so many wooers, / Nor that vncast profuse Sempronia, / A common dealer with so many doers, / So proud, so faithlesse, and so voyd of shame, / As is new brodel bride Lucretia"; I.
His idea of a good time is conveyed by a passage written after the death of his friend Max Brodel, a medical illustrator and a fellow member of the Saturday Night Club, which was the locus of Mencken's weekend entertainment for many years:
Additionally, aircraft, ships, vehicles, or other means of conveyance may themselves harbor hitchhiking arthropods, and these possible sources of infestation also are examined at ports (Dobbs & Brodel 2004).
Max Brodel, the medical artist at Johns Hopkins, encouraged Cushing to develop his artistic talent.