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My sweet Daisy (one of the British White cows) jumped her enormous girth (which I had no idea was even possible) onto a four-foot cattle panel and squashed it in half to escape the loading pen I'd thrown together.
AL-QAEDA has set up a "sisters base" in Syria for female extremists aiming to copy British White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite, 30, wanted over last year's Kenyan shopping mall massacre.
ISLAMABAD -- South Asian women in Britain have an 8% higher risk of developing breast cancer than British white women, compared to a 45% lower risk ten years ago, researchers from the University of Sheffield reported at the National Cancer Intelligence Network Conference in Brighton.
The British White Paper--which sets out a vision for the future of the 14 British Overseas Territories--must be a wake-up call for the African Union which must, as a matter of urgency, seek a fresh mandate for the total decolonisation of all the African islands.
After the recent Rochdale Muslim sex gangs preying on young British White Girls.
98 participants of African, British White, Caribbean, Chinese and Pakistani origin attending antenatal services in the UK completed a survey in 2009.
The newly published council data shows only 26 per cent (224 pupils) of British white boys from poor backgrounds achieved five good GCSEs - although that was up from 16 per cent in 2009.
One was a British White, from a cattle breed raised in England since the 1600s.
The Infamous British White Paper of 1939 (Midstream, Fall 2010)
Born in 1943 to a British white civil servant mother and a black American GI Sandi had hardly had the easiest start in life herself.
The US and Australian tournaments tend to bring the big colours as opposed to Wimbledon where it tends to be a typically British white wash.
Megan Cox was named the player of the match for British White, while Michelle Al Ajaji was the top performer for Dilmun 'C'.

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