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National Health Service. Launched in 1948, the NHS has grown to become the largest publicly funded healthcare system in the world. It is run by the UK Department of Health and politically accountable to central Government. The NHS provides free care to all eligible individuals living in any of the four countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). The NHS (which includes Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, NHS [England], NHS Scotland, and NHS Wales) is the fourth largest employer in the world (after the Chinese Army, Wal-Mart and the Indian Railways).


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NHS (Scotland)

National Health Service

British medicine The 50+-yr-old UK government agency that controls the British form of socialized medicine. See Fund holding, Total purchasing.
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DJB: My undergraduate economics thesis research in the British National Health Service and my epidemiology master's thesis work on a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute-funded hypertension-control project in eastern North Carolina led me to believe that organizations with a primary focus on health care delivery were going to be the best environments in which to test strategies to improve health care (1, 2).
The core of the book lies in the authors' observations and interpretations of their field studies of the British National Health Service (NHS) and the ways in which its institutions and procedures, its medical and ancillary personnel and, not least, its patients, have managed to realize and to accept such cost containment.
He identifies two starting dates: Oct 26, 1943, when the Internal Revenue Service ruled that health insurance premiums would not be taxed, and Dec 1, 1942, with publication of the Beveridge Report, from which the British National Health Service was born in 1948.
Primarily from a British National Health Service (NHS) perspective, healthcare practitioners and academics address challenges in team-delivered healthcare, the NHS trend toward transformational as vs.
No word on whether the British National Health Service reimburses for this treatment.
Geanes also studied the British National Health Service at the King's Fund College of Hospital Administration in London.
NICE, the independent organization responsible for issuing guidance for drug reimbursement to the British National Health Service, plans to publish final guidance in July, which will then be implemented by the local funding bodies in England and Wales.
A Patients' Association report shows that fewer patients in the British National Health Service undergo planned operations such as joint replacements, cataract removal and hernia repairs, as a consequence of 20 [pounds sterling]bn (AUD32bn) of efficiency savings by the conservative government, at a time when demand for healthcare is growing.
The British National Health Service model would probably be the toughest sell in the United States.
How the British National Health Service deals with diversity; professional problems, patient problems.
They are more accurate than the best surgeon in the world," said Mary Jones, a research nurse with the biosurgical research unit at the British National Health Service in Bridgend, Wales.
The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) -- a Special Health Authority of the British National Health Service -- today recommended the use of drug-eluting stents in patients with symptomatic coronary artery disease.

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