British Medical Association

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British Medical Association (BMA)

a voluntary professional organization of physicians and medical students in the United Kingdom.

British Medical Association

A voluntary (medical) doctors’ professional organisation established to support the professional and personal needs of doctors in all branches of medicine in the UK. Over two-thirds of the doctors practising in the UK belong to the BMA. As an independent trade union, the BMA is dedicated to protecting individual members and the collective interests of doctors. It is the voice for doctors and medical students and is in constant contact with ministers, government departments, members of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland administrations and many other influential bodies; it is committed to keeping members in touch with the profession’s collective views and policies and to being at the forefront of healthcare development. The BMA promotes the medical and allied sciences, seeks to maintain the honour and interests of the medical profession and promote the achievement of high quality healthcare. Its policies cover public health issues, medical ethics, science, medical education, doctors’ contracts and the state of the NHS.
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The June Greenpeace report followed a British Medical Association paper that questioned the safety of genetically engineered food.
Dr Robert Morley, British Medical Association, West Midlands GP and BMA Representative.
The British Medical Association denied the existence of gentleman's agreements.
An agreement was reached between the British Medical Association, the Royal Colleges and the Government earlier this month on the best way out of the crisis over training.
However the British Medical Association in Wales yesterday urged more urgent measures.
A motion passed by doctors at a British Medical Association conference in London yesterday, calls for the organisation to back the Keep Our NHS Public campaign.
The British Medical Association is calling for the NHS to employ more doctors to reduce the size of patient lists, which they insist are well above capacity on Tyneside.
A joint statement of the British Medical Association, Resuscitation Council UK and the Royal College of Nursing advises: "Families have no legal status in terms of decision making but it is good practice t o involve people close to patients in decisions
The British Medical Association fears nutrition for patients is inadequate.
A motion approved by the British Medical Association called for babies surviving abortion to be given "the same full neonatal care as .
The British Medical Association want a change in the current law that states a willing donor must carry a card.
Bill O'Neill, science and research adviser to the British Medical Association, said: ``The BMA is delighted that the government is at last to break the link between sport and tobacco.

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