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Paul, French physician, 1796-1881. See: Briquet ataxia, Briquet disease, Briquet syndrome.
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Briquet concludes that 84% of papers were used within 10 years of the date of manufacture, and 37% were used within two years.
And symmetrical mounting lets the rolls skew to maintain more uniform pressure across the roll face, which achieves more uniform briquet density.
Binders can be categorized as three types: Matrix Binders depend for their effectiveness upon embedding the particles in a continuous matrix that gives the briquet its structural strength; Film Binders act as a glue to bond the surfaces of particles; and Chemical Binders depend upon chemical reactions occurring between the components of the binder.
Many have been here since about the first briquet cooled; the average employee time with the company is 15 years.
To produce briquets, the company partially burns wet bark and sawdust in low-oxygen conditions.
The ingot shaped briquets are designed for easy application into sewer grates and are environmentally friendly.
To increase the heat, or to cook longer than 45 minutes, add 6 to 10 new briquets or more wood embers (from that still-burning wood you moved to the side of your firepit) every 30 minutes.
Clearly, these units are anything but your basic bowls and briquets sold by mass merchandisers.
When you sit down to eat the main course, add another 30 briquets to the fire--they'll be the perfect temperature for dessert, which you can grill when everyone gets up to stretch their legs.
Whether it's done on a gas grill or over the more traditional charcoal briquets, the "experts" promise it really is possible to end up with flawlessly grilled fare.
And the folks on Liberty Bell Road in Calabasas are almost obligated by their address to break out the briquets, burgers, and Stars and Stripes.