Johan A., Swedish metallurgist, 1849-1925. See: Brinell hardness number.
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The breakers feature a number of key innovative features, including internalised hydraulic valves with thickened surrounding steel, allowing for greater hydraulic pressures, and the use of hardened steel measuring 500 Brinell throughout, rather than on just the outer 2mm, to secure the chisel.
The measured values of hardness range from 340 to 400 Brinell HBW10/3000 at the surface of the rail head, and from 34 to 42 Rockwell HRC across the rail section, according to the applicable measuring protocol.
The field technicians can service digital load cell and analog manual testers, and most hardness and microhardness models including Brinell, Rockwell, Knoop, Vickers, Leeb and Durometer.
Cast bullets with a Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) of around 15 work well at full-throttle speeds with minimal leading.
The newly developed 'Enhanced Anti-indentation Deep Groove Ball Bearing' features special surface modification during the heat treatment process, which has reduced the Brinell Indentation depth, an index for static load capacity, to 1/2 compared to that of standard heat treatment.
Users can choose from universal models that can run any popular hardness scale test (Vickers, micro-Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, superficial Rockwell, Knoop, HBT or HVT) or method-specific units.
Targets are constructed of AR550 steel tested to a Brinell hardness of 550, and are designed to withstand repeated shots from high-powered rifles and handguns.
This adaptability means that Equotip hardness testing remains virtually non-destructive, while a Rockwell or a Brinell test often requires scrapping the object after the test.
Static mechanical properties of PIWs were assessed in terms of bending strength, compressive strength, and Brinell hardness.