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(brĭj′ĭz), Calvin Blackman 1889-1938.
American geneticist noted for his work on the chromosome theory of heredity and the mapping of chromosomes.


; bridges osseous or cartilaginous links between adjacent foot bones; occurring congenitally, or induced by trauma, infection, joint disease or surgery; an initial fibrous syndesmosis is gradually replaced by cartilage, then ossifies, forming a synostosis; usually undetected until they become symptomatic at ossification (i.e. pain and restricting normal interosseous movement); see synchondrosis; tarsal coalition
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A few rough logs, laid side by side, served for a bridge over this stream.
Before crossing the bridge which led to Zembin, he confided the fate of his own rear-guard now left in Studzianka to Eble, the savior of all those who survived the calamities of the Beresina.
When I speak of the pure parliament," resumed the host, "I mean the one which Colonel Bridge has weeded.
Say not so, my child,” returned her father; “but if thou venturest again as in crossing this bridge, old age will never overtake thee, but I shall be left to mourn thee, cut off in thy pride, my Elizabeth.
Thanking the good woman, they started afresh and walked by the fields and across the pretty bridges until they saw before them a very beautiful Castle.
She put her hand in his, and thus they went on, to a place where the reflected sun glared up from the river, under a bridge, with a molten-metallic glow that dazzled their eyes, though the sun itself was hidden by the bridge.
He went back to the hotel, where he and Dallas were to meet; and together they walked again across the Place de la Concorde and over the bridge that leads to the Chamber of Deputies.
The Bridge of Sighs, of course--and next the Church and the Great Square of St.
In the incomprehensible plan of these streets, one distinguished likewise, on looking attentively, two clusters of great streets, like magnified sheaves of grain, one in the University, the other in the Town, which spread out gradually from the bridges to the gates.
Kutuzov fell back toward Vienna, destroying behind him the bridges over the rivers Inn (at Braunau) and Traun (near Linz).
Under his tumbled sandy hair his head seemed as hard and powerful as a catapult, and his shoulders looked strong enough in themselves to support a span of any one of his ten great bridges that cut the air above as many rivers.
If it goes on like this, some of the bridges will be down; that's what I'm afraid of.