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Representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records were present during the unveiling of the bridal veil to assess the merit in claims by Rozana Hospitality.
Massacre at Bridal Veil Falls is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at www.
In Worcester, Pronuptia Bridals owner Susan Krasinskas, just back from a bridal show in New York City, saw similar trends in bridal veils.
Sweating, out of breath and scolding myself for a year of physical inactivity, I made the humiliating trek to the Bridal Veil waterfall looking like a dishevelled bridesmaid.
Conjectures on the origins and functions of a bridal veil spun by the males of Cupiennius coccineus (Araneae, Ctenidae).
The new moon opens its door the flap of the tent lowers and lifts like a bridal veil.
Delwaide's rebellious side leaked out here as well, in Caitlin Kakigi's renunciation of her bridal veil.
Rather than let the event go unmarked, Knabel hosted a mock wedding on site, complete with a cake and a bridal veil made of foodservice hair-net.
Some lemons grown and packed by Teague-McKevett bear the Silver Cord brand name, written as a rope lasso, while Limoneira sold lemons and valencia oranges under the Bridal Veil name, with an illustration of the famous waterfall in Yosemite.
Is it Bridal Veil Falls, Angel Falls, or Iguassu Falls?
He married thrice, and went on loving, after his fashion, all three, and God knows how many more score of pretenders to the bridal veil, to the end.