Bribery and Graft

A term defined by Congress as ‘corruptly’ giving a health official ‘anything of value’ to influence that person’s actions
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Those who think about this issue have emphasized the reasons that lead to bribery and graft.
The Philippine Senate impeachment court trying President Joseph Estrada on charges including bribery and graft and corruption is expected to rule on or before Feb.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Has the move to a more market-oriented economy in Russia begun to clean up the culture of bribery and graft that characterized the country during Chekhov's time and throughout the Soviet era?
The NCs, manned by professional volunteers from civil society, businesses, and governments, address bribery and graft in a non-partisan manner.
And not only this, the government is still trying hard to erase all the traces of the bribery and graft operations and investigations.
Even if you secure 95 percent of the national vote, this does not eliminate concrete evidence of corruption, bribery and graft.
Some papers and TV stations are not covering the events of the most extensive bribery and graft allegations in Turkey's history.