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George E., U.S. surgeon, 1861-1939. See: Brewer infarcts.
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As the online landscape continues to evolve, the Brewers Association is working on behalf of our members-the country's small and independent craft brewers-to ensure they have access to robust online representation.
brewers, has indicated that it would not oppose a change in the tax break to allow European brewers to benefit.
Massachusetts is home to more than 30 of the roughly 2,200 brewers in the U.
In a year when the two major brewers saw a slowdown in sales, the Association says small and independent craft brewers saw sales dollars increase 10.
5-million payroll (23rd overall), the Brewers were not expected to improve much from 1999's 74-87 record under Phil Garner.
Thirty-four years have passed since the original small brewers tax differential defined small brewers as producing less than 2 million barrels," said Nick Matt, chair of the Brewers Association board of directors and chairman and CEO of F.
We came out of it asking ourselves why nobody had given Davey Lopes the opportunity to manage before,'' Taylor said this week as he watched Lopes manage the Brewers in a Cactus League game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.
For additional statistics, see the Craft Brewing Statistics section of the Brewers Association website, and 2009 Craft Brewer Sales Numbers press release.
The Starbucks Barista Grande 12-Cup Coffee Brewer and Starbucks Barista Solo Coffee Brewers are not included in this recall.
Beimel returned in the seventh to face the heart of the Brewers order, including the righty Carlos Lee, lefty Prince Fielder and the right-hander Bill Hall.
Brewers next add hops (Humulus lupulus) to the liquid part of the mash, called the wort.
But after talking to off-shore beverage makers and brewers who are "keenly interested" in co-packing and licensing their production for North American distribution, Sharpe has jumped that figure to 320 jobs for both plants, including more than 200 in Sudbury.