(brĭ-tô-nō′), Pierre 1778-1862.
French surgeon who described typhoid and diphtheria and performed the first tracheotomy (1825).
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Contract award: supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a unit of cone beam computed tomography or used for dental cbct center bretonneau hospital.
Other more experimental places are included, such as Pierre Buraglio's multi-faith hospital oratory (Hopital Bretonneau, 18th arrondissement, Paris) and Tadeo Ando's Space for Meditation at the Unesco headquarters in the seventh arrondissement along with the Peace Garden there (1958, by Isamu Noguchi, artist, and Teomon Sano, gardener).
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In 1821, French physician Pierre Bretonneau described diphtheria's unique clinical characteristics during an epidemic in southern France, when he named it diphterite after the leathery texture of the pseudomembrane.
Direction des routes pole gestion de la voirie BGOP 30 rue Pierre Bretonneau BP 906
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Contract award: works contracts for the construction of neonatal intensive care and neonatology building on the site of bretonneau at tours university hospital.
It was in this context that French physician Pierre Bretonneau (1778-1862) studied the disease and coined the word la diphtherite (Greek for leather, describing the pharyngeal membrane).
Direction des routes, pole ingenierie et travaux, bureau detudes et travaux nA[bar] 1 30 rue Pierre Bretonneau, BP 906