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/pra·na·ya·ma/ (prah″nah-yah´mah) according to ayurveda, breath control, occurring as one of the eight limbs of yoga; used for controlling the energy within the body and the mind and acting as a vitalizing and regenerating force to increase oxygen exchange that can be used for physical healing.


Ayurvedic medicine
Breathing exercises in which an individual breathes through alternate nostrils by closing off one nostril, then the other, by pressing a finger against it; pranayama is believed to enhance the prana, the universal life force.


Yoga method of breathing.
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pranayama (präˑ·n·yä·m),

n in Ayurveda, the yogic art of breathing that is believed to unify an individual's consciousness with the universal consciousness rendering multiple health benefits for mind and body.
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When one learns the right breathing technique, he will relieve depression and reduce anxiety, and if practised regularly, enhance inter-personal relationships.
A total of 39 patients were recruited following a publicity campaign about breathing techniques by the Asthma Foundation of Queensland.
This is then followed by incorporating the rhythmic breathing technique along with the flutter kick.
For our athlete, as the breathing techniques and pelvic repositioning exercises improved, so did the results of the postural tests.
Once the client has mastered the breathing technique and completed the hierarchy, the process of "desensitizing" the client to the anxiety-provoking stimuli can begin.
While it is practically impossible to dispense the knowledge accumulated over a career which has spanned 45 years in a one-hour video, The Voice Lesson does offer a unique glimpse into some key areas, namely breathing technique, the true cause of brilliance in vocal tone and the importance of being aware of what your body is telling you at all times.
The trick here: proper breathing technique (from the gut, not the chest), says Iralene Swain, a voice coach.
Experience the rhythmic breathing technique Sudharshan Kriya which brings instant relaxation.
A second study was conducted with Western participants who used a breathing technique of the g-tummo meditative practice and they were also able to increase their core body temperature, within limits.
The programme takes a unique approach by combining a deep breathing technique with a sports mentality and non-avoidance training to reinforce the technique and tackle the psychological side of the stutter.
com)-- A local resident of Honolulu is amazed at the healthy results she obtained by simply practicing an innovative breathing technique called Buteyko.
THE McGuire Programme uses a breathing technique called 'costal breathing' - using the costal part of the diaphragm as you breathe and speak.