Breakdown Product

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(1) A chemical derived from a parent molecule that has been altered, e.g., by heat, light, or enzymes
(2) Metabolite
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The breakdown product offered by 2gether Insurance includes roadside assistance, home start, overnight accommodation, onward destination, relay, caravan and trailer cover, 6 breakdowns per annum and more.
Since DDE is a stable breakdown product of DDT, this indicates mainly past ingestion.
Although it is probable that hydrogen cyanide was generated in the chemical reaction and was present in the gas cloud, cyanide has not been shown to be a breakdown product of MIC in human or animal systems.
They have been asked to provide urine samples before and after working one shift to measure the levels of cotinine - a metabolic breakdown product of nicotine.
One suggested that attack took place on an oxidative breakdown product, rather than on the rubber hydrocarbon itself.
The pesticide DDT and its breakdown product DDE gained notoriety 30 years ago in North America when they were blamed for collapsed eggshells that led to population crashes in birds like bald eagles, brown pelicans and peregrine falcons.
In a widely discussed, widely embraced and widely derided study, Mary Wolff of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine concluded that women with high blood serum levels of DDE, a metabolic breakdown product of DDT, showed a quadrupled rate of breast cancer.
Belonging to this OCP group is DDE, a breakdown product of DDT, which was used as an agricultural insecticide until it was banned in the UK in the 1970s.
But his assertion that the method used in other studies - measuring cotinine, the breakdown product of nicotine - is a "more direct" measurement of ETS exposure is questionable, as cotinine can be found in the body after eating vegetables such as cauliflower, potatoes and tomatoes
These gases are the hydrocarbon breakdown product of organic binders - especially urethane-based cold-set and shell mold systems - released during pouring as the metal comes in contact with the mold or core surface.
The research focused on the complex relationship between amyloid precursor protein (APP) and its breakdown product amyloid, along with the zinc and iron.
The team found lower amounts of serotonin and a key serotonin breakdown product in the shift workers.