Soup Kitchen

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A facility that provides meals for homeless and other disenfranchised persons
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On Monday, a 24-year-old man known to suffer a heart condition died while waiting in a chaotic bread line outside a bakery in southern Egypt.
Based on inspections and more than 140 interviews with witnesses, HRW revealed warplanes "deliberately targeted four bakeries where civilians were waiting in bread lines a total of eight times".
Cranks is attempting to expand its vegetarian offer with the relaunch of its sandwich and organic bread lines.
Outside her San Francisco photography studio in 1933, the ravages of the Depression were evident - bread lines and unrest.
in October 1997) and Sunset Harvest (to launch on May 4, 1998) bread lines.
The fire caused 30m [pounds sterling] damage and at one time deprived the 1,500 retailers supplied by Warburtons in the Midlands and north west of four out of five of the company's bread lines.
Fire has gutted Warburtons' Wednesbury bakery, its largest in the UK, which is leaving retailers throughout the Midlands and north-west short of key bread lines.
Sales-based ordering for bread lines is being tested in Scotmid's Pilrig store and the company is considering applying the system to fresh produce and dairy lines.