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Christian W., German anatomist, 1831-1892. See: Braune muscle, Braune valve.
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BRAUNE, W Determination of body moments of inertia of the human body and its limbs.
Although someone argued that the measurement of self-rating was not exactly precise, it has been demonstrated that learners are quite capable of giving a numerical indication of their perceived mental effort (Gopher & Braune, 1984).
Braune, (94) a 1936 Illinois case that is one of the most striking, dramatic antagonistic defenses cases from any jurisdiction in any decade.
Franziska Leinberger--dressage derby winner and Emily Braune on Only-Luna Properties Trophy-Youngest Participant.
Often the only clue to the ostensible subject matter comes via the titles, such as Lila und blaue Blatter (Purple and Blue Leaves), 2009; Grune, gelbe und braune Blatter (Green, Yellow, and Brown Leaves), 2008; or even more vaguely, Viele Blatter (Many Leaves), 2009.
Sprenger H, Rosler A, Tonn P, Braune HJ, Huffmann G, Gemsa D.
Oscatello 9g Woodman - Out The Black Rye Braune 7/02180- RPR 113h, 137c Could show a f a i r bit of improvement on last season's form, especially over fences.
Effects of signals from a MP handset on the BP of normal volunteers were first reported by Braune et al.
Noah Sow, 33, radio personality and head of Germany's first Black media-watch organization "der braune mob," out of Hamburg, Germany.
El metodo fue desarrollado por Velvovski en la ex Union Sovietica al inicio del tercer decenio del siglo pasado al recuperar los hallazgos de Pavlov sobre reflejos condicionados (Von Braune, 2003).
She was born April 17, 1933, in Portland to Robert and Karla Braune Schultz.
Tilo Braune, undersecretary of state at the Federal Ministry of Transport, said: "The Federal Government backs the project and will provide financial support for the building of BBI over the next years.