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a mark put on the skin of animals as a means of identification. In livestock several methods are used. Fire-branding with a hot iron is the traditional method for horses and cattle but is being supplanted by the much superior freeze branding. For sheep the branding of the surface of the fleece with tar or paint has been used for a long time but may have very damaging effects on the fleece and has been replaced by special branding formulations. See also tattooing.

brand cancer
a mass of granulation tissue at the site of a fire-brand. Is usually chronic inflammatory tissue.
brand register
a list of brands and owners maintained by a statutory authority to facilitate legal identification of animals.

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Q. What are the Brands of Sodium-phenobarbitone drug in Bangladesh?

A. maybe this link will help-

if not- i recommend asking an Indian pharmacist..

Q. I'm concerned that my calcium supplements are contaminated w seashells or cow bones. Which brands are best

A. there should be labeled as "from animal source".
here is something that helped me choose:

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Professor John Brande Trend was Cambridge University's first professor of Spanish.
And Luc Van den Brande sees the situation similarly, saying "countries that make regional plans have better results than those where the decision making is centralised".
Boss: Carruthers poses with Playboy model Brande Roderick
Luc Van den Brande added that Europe's climate targets need European local and regional authorities as partners.
THE LEDRA Street crossing was yesterday described "a meeting point of people's hopes" by the President of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) Luc Van den Brande.
In a letter addressed to CoR Chairman, Luc Van Den Brande, El Fassi stressed the "importance of decentralization process in Morocco and the role of territorial dimension in economic, social and human development.
BioMar Holding, headquartered in Brande in Denmark, is a global supplier to the salmon, trout, seabass and seabream farming industries.
It had ruled that ROYAL could be confused with Portugal's Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro's brands ROYAL BRANDE brandy, ROYAL FEITORIA port, and Royal Oporto Wine Company wines, sparkling wines, ciders, alcohols, brandies and liquors.
who with his wife Tiffany (a very funny Brande Roderick), moves into the house he's inherited from the father he's killed, and from which he plans to evict the four Army veterans his father has long supported.
Brande - Teresa and Jared Brande, of Eugene, a daughter.
The first potato flake version has just been installed by KMC, a progressive Danish ingredients supplier, in their granules plant in Brande.