brand name

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brand name

See trademark.

proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.

brand name,

n a name given to a product by its manufacturer that becomes part of the product's identity.
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is developing a two-pronged strategy for its LED luminaire business, including contract manufacturing operation and brand name operation, the firm's spokesman B.
There are, for example, several pages in which the authors discuss the perils of transporting brand names across linguistic boundaries, pointing out how Volkswagen's Vento means "fart" in Italian, how Estee Lauder's Country Mist makeup means "manure" in German, and how Powergen, the Italian maker of a battery charger, showed its obtuseness when it insisted on dubbing its Web site www.
Riccardi said it is especially important to understand the difference in dosing of generics versus brand name labels.
Born as sub-contractors to the major manufacturers, white box makers are gaining popularity in their own right thanks to improved products and support services, bargain basement prices that are typically 20% lower than brand names, and a cheap Third World labor pool.
has sent out press releases to the international press stating that the Vilene brand name is now replacing its Vlieseline and Fliseline brand names for interlining products in Continental Europe.
The Company sells its products under a portfolio of well recognized brand names such as Salton[R], George Foreman[R], Westinghouse ([TM]), Toastmaster[R], Melitta[R], Russell Hobbs[R], Farberware[R], Ingraham[R] and Stiffel[R].
Though neither side would discuss the terms of the arrangement, he pointed to Cherokee's past success in leveraging brand names as an indicator of what it could bring.
was named by Strategic Name Development, a brand name consultancy that develops product names, company names, taglines and conducts brand name research.
Last year, they shipped 50,000 of the vehicles, and with Pacific's brand names slapped onto them, Currie figures sales will triple within two years.
Boivin further stated "few companies in the world can combine Canstar's technical expertise, strong brand names and manufacturing capabilities in the marketing of ice skates and blades.