cerebral ischemia

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cerebral ischemia,

n the reduction or loss of oxygen to the cerebrum; prolonged ischemia may lead to cerebral infarction.


deficiency of blood in a part, due to functional constriction or actual obstruction of a blood vessel.

cerebral ischemia
brain anoxia.
myocardial ischemia
deficiency of blood supply to the heart muscle, due to obstruction or constriction of the coronary arteries.
renal ischemia
severe or prolonged ischemia causes irreversible renal failure and death from uremia. Called also ischemic nephrosis.
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XERECEPT(R) works to reduce edema, defined as an abnormal increase in brain water content, which can have dire consequences, potentially leading to brain ischemia (stroke), herniation, and death.
chairman and chief executive officer, further commented: "We are currently conducting three Phase II trials on CPC-111 and two Phase II trials on CPC-211 (our brain ischemia drug).
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Gress is recognized nationally for his expertise in neurocritical care and stroke, with particular clinical research interests in acute brain ischemia -- a condition in which a constricted or obstructed blood vessel reduces blood flow in the brain, causing a dangerous lack of oxygen.
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The scope of work under the grant also includes examination of these compounds in an animal model of transient focal brain ischemia to evaluate in vivo efficacy and toxicity.

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