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Use of the large manipulatable braille cell during classes gave participants a jump start on learning the braille alphabet, while the hands-on demonstration of writing braille dispelled the mysteries related to the practicality of braille.
Most participants stated they knew at least the braille alphabet and some contractions (n = 9, 29.
I began providing braille instruction to Sarah (a pseudonym) at a residential school for blind students when she was 11 years old and had been learning the braille alphabet and whole-word contractions for more than two years.
The classroom library includes print-braille books for all to read, a poster of the braille alphabet (enlarged by a local printing shop) hanging on the wall, and a tactile braille alphabet card below the poster inviting fingers to touch.
Several of the activities described next refer to braille alphabet charts from The Braille Trail (Swenson & D'Andrea, 2002), an activity book for sighted children in grades 2-6.
It is a reflection of Louis Braille's genius that his simple, versatile braille alphabet is used in our technological era, remaining virtually unchanged.
Meanwhile, Cara was learning to identify and discriminate some braille alphabet letters tactually.
Even though she could tactually identify the braille alphabet letters, she wanted to read print like the other children.
without additional disabilities to master the braille alphabet, numbers,
For example, children who will be braille readers have significantly fewer opportunities for incidental interactions with braille and fewer direct experiences in learning the braille alphabet than do children who are sighted with print and the print alphabet.
In its effort to facilitate what it called "the great Braille revival that is sweeping over the continent," the library offered its members British Braille alphabets and primers free of charge.