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Edward H., U.S. orthopedist, 1848-1926. See: Bradford frame.
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During early Yorkshire industrialization, violent sexual antagonism between the growing female factory workforce in Bradford, Yorkshire, and "attacks by men on women operatives," were commonplace.
For further details contact Doreen Jeffries, 20, Fourlands Drive, Bradford, Yorkshire BD10 9SJ and (01274 616539).
Another tele-crofter, Norma Rosier, 46, moved to Lewis from Bradford, Yorkshire, with her hubby Ian for the good life.
The seizure, in Bradford, Yorkshire, was part of an operation which also focused on anti-social behaviour and drug dealing issues.
And 400 babies in Bradford, Yorkshire, are undergoing tests after a junior doctor working in a hospital maternity department fell ill.
Ransom They rung his brother, Mohammed Zanan, 64, who lived in Bradford, Yorkshire, and demanded that he pay pounds 400,000 ransom.
The Prime Minister, who has been on a roll since his pulpit sermon in London on Monday, gave another barnstorming speech of near-religious fervour in Bradford, Yorkshire.
The young victim, Jack Taylor, was knifed at a house in Bradford, Yorkshire, on Thursday night.
Eddie Smith, boss of Light-media Display, of Bradford, Yorkshire, who provided all the fan zone screens, said: "We are extremely sorry and recognise what a blow this was to fans.
Co-accused Lavinia Crossley, 22, of Bradford, Yorkshire faced a charge reduced to breach of the peace for her role which was found not proven.
The company opened their first supermarket in Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1958 and he led the company on to the stock market in 1967.
The man, from Darlington, and the woman, from Bradford, Yorkshire, had still not been named last night.