Braden scale

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Braden Scale

an assessment tool for predicting the risk of pressure ulcers, based on the total of scores given in the categories sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, and friction and shear.

Braden scale

[Barbara Braden, contemporary U.S. nurse]
A validated assessment tool commonly used to quantify a patient's degree of risk for developing a pressure ulcer. Each assessment parameter is measured on a scale from high risk of 1 to low risk of 3 or 4. The parameters include sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, and friction and shear, with a possible total score range of 4 to 23. The lower the total score, the higher the risk for pressure ulcer development. Patients are at risk for developing pressure ulcers if the total score is less than 17. Patients need to be assessed on a regular basis.

Patient care

For optimal risk assessment the scale should be used repeatedly.

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