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Thanks to the researches of Keri Davies and Marsha Keith Schuchard, published too late for BR2 ("Recovering the Lost Moravian History of William Blake's Family," Blake: An illustrated Quarterly 38 [2004]: 36-43), we have learned that Catherine and Thomas Armitage (d.
After lab testing and data analysis was complete, it was determined that the BR2 area was a possible structural fill candidate.
Thus, if BR2 is disregarded, by use of this arrangement, the CFC will have lowered its foreign tax on deferred income in a manner inconsistent with Subpart F's policies and rules.
Effective Decay Rates of Extension Cases Simulated, 1/hr Case BR1 Living Kitchen BR2 BR3 MBR 1 0.
For more information contact Healthy Heart UK, 24 Chilham Way, Hayes, Bromley, Kent, BR2 7PR.
Call 0870 120 1630 or write to PO Box 239, Bromley BR2 9ZT for a free catalogue.
Contact Cosmos at Tourama House, 17 Homesdale Road, Bromley, Kent BR2 9LX.
Shaw Wallace Overseas Ltd, Rutland House, 44 Masons Bill, Bromley, Kent BR2 9EQ.
The company's consolidated EBITDA for the latest 12 months (LTM) ended June 2011 was BR2.