Bronsted base

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Brøn·sted base

any molecule or ion that combines with a proton, for example, OH-, CN-, NH3; this definition replaces the older and more limited concepts of base (3) (q.v.).

Brønsted base

Etymology: Johannes N. Brønsted
a molecule or an ion that acts as a hydrogen ion acceptor.

Brøn·sted base

(brŭn'shtet bās)
Any molecule or ion that combines with a proton; e.g., OH-, CN-, NH3; this definition replaces the older and more limited concepts of base (3).


Johannes N., Danish physical chemist, 1879-1947.
Brønsted acid - an acid that is a proton donor.
Brønsted base - any molecule or ion that combines with a proton.
Brønsted theory - that an acid is a substance, charged or uncharged, liberating hydrogen ions in solution, and that a base is a substance that removes them from solution.
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said he, looking up from his fourth cable since lunch.
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