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Boykin, Anne

a nursing theorist who, with Savina O. Schoenhofer, wrote Nursing as Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice, which postulates that caring is the end, not the means, of nursing.
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General Boykin will be in attendance at the Interactive Media Session.
The Army determined that in the book, Boykin disclosed "classified information concerning cover methods, counterterrorism/counter-proliferation operations, operational deployments, infiltration methods, pictures, and tactics, techniques and procedures that may compromise ongoing operations.
Boykin further declared: "And I believe now, I've checked this out -- I believe that sword he'll be carryin' when he comes back is an AR-15.
the Boykin Spaniel Society's 31st Spring National field trial (www.
Attending the bride as maid of honor was Anna Claire Boykin, sister of the bride.
and Bernard II of Pendleton; four daughters, Kelly Boykin of Washington, Nicole Boykin of Tacoma, Natasha Boykin of Eugene and Renee Boykin of Virginia; three brothers, Dennis of Colorado, Tommy of Georgia and Frankie of Texas; two sisters, Dee Boykin and Pearl Boykin, both of Texas; and 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Boykin, PhD, MAI, SREA, is managing member of Boykin Realty Advisors, LLC, in Richmond, Virginia, specializing in conservation easement reviewing.
Today, Boykin is never happier than when she's the pivotal girl smack dab at the head of the wedge of dancers in the opening section of Ailey's Revelations.
Boykin had been given the go-ahead to speak by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.
Boykin, who worked as a top aide to President Bill Clinton, is a lawyer-turned-respected expert and activist on sex and on racial matters; and here he gives us a documented history of the term "down low.
Boykin by asking the Defense Department's inspector general to examine his behavior.
But both were outshined by Fairfax junior center Jamal Boykin.