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Edward A., U.S. anatomist, 1886-1976. See: Boyden meal, Boyden sphincter.
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22 September 2014 - US full-service executive search firm Boyden World Corporation said today it had acquired Netherlands-based peer NMC-Nijsse International without disclosing financial details.
Tim Boyden always has seen something barbaric about the act of shaving - the dragging of a sharp blade across one's face just to eliminate some naturally grown hairs.
Using these new tools, we can look at two neural pathways and study how they compute together," Nature quoted explained Ed Boyden, senior author of the study.
Coexistence with Fire: Wood-Fired Ceramics by Frank Boyden, 1985-2006
The 2005 First Novel Award has been presented to Joseph Boyden by Amazon.
Boyden Gray has been appointed as US Ambassador to the European Union.
WHAT a great article by Malcolm Boyden on Bedders fish and chips.
Midlands favourite Malcolm Boyden plays fictitious world famous Brummie artist, Edward Bates, in Ridin' The No 8.
O'Callaghan, who plays Sergeant Matthew Boyden, has been with the series since the beginning of the 1990s.
Joseph Boyden didn't grow up on a reserve in Northern Ontario, but most of the characters contained in his book Born With a Tooth Stories did.
SERGEANT Boyden finds himself in deep water when he fails to complete the standard police caution necessary when arresting a suspected criminal, and he is forced to ask a favour from his jilted lover.