Boxing Gloves

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Any form of handwear designed to limit the physical impact of fisticuffs between combatants
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A pair of vintage boxing gloves signed by famous boxers Randolph Turpin and Bruce Woodcock that sold for pounds 1,232 at auction; inset, Randolph Turpin lands a straight left to the jaw of Sugar Ray Leonard
In eight of the photographs, Harris poses as a pugilist, bruised and bloodied, wearing boxing gloves and a white jockstrap.
wowed judges in the Dillanos Free-Pour Latte Art Competition by pouring a crisp Rosetta leaf latte while wearing boxing gloves.
Thompson said he and a buddy left at lunch, walked a few blocks south to a vacant lot, strapped on boxing gloves and went at each other for "five minutes at the most," Thompson said.
AS THE BANESPA PRIVATIZATION SAGA HEADS TO THE AUCTION BLOCK, THE contenders have put on their boxing gloves.
Today's women are wearing boxing gloves and piloting space shuttles.
A curious poster showing two boxing gloves headlined Labour's "Double Whammy" of "More Taxes, Higher Prices.
Other sports memorabilia include boxing gloves from, among others, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson; from the NFL, jerseys from Frank Gifford, Montana, OJ Simpson, Bart Starr and Emmit Smith; hockey pucks from Gordie Howe, Stan Mikita, Jaromir Jagr and Wayne Gretzky and nearly 100 posters of athletes and sports-related movies.
04 ( ANI ): Retired heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno is reportedly said to swap his boxing gloves for scissors as he is learning a new trade.
GEORGE FOREMAN has hailed Joe Frazier as the "most courageous human being" to pull on a pair of boxing gloves following the former heavyweight champion's death at the age of 67.
The money will pay for 40 new boxing gloves to allow members of Perry Barr's Aston Amateur Boxing Club to spar in safety.
The items included teddy bears, furry dice, boxing gloves and even a Margaret Thatcher doll.