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For those unsure of the difference between the Berdan and Boxer primer systems, both are constructed on broadly similar lines.
Switching over to the Boxer primer for the American market was a first for Norma--and as important--Norma was able to supply the American handloading market with unprimed brass with the added touch of drilled, not punched, primer holes.
The legs of the 3-legged anvil of a Boxer primer rest just inside the walls of the primer pocket, and must firmly contact the bottom of the pocket for sure ignition.
Both brands feature non-corrosive Boxer primers, so cleaning is a snap, and for those of us who reload, it's a double gift of beautiful, reloadable brass.
All are loaded with Boxer primers and are readily reloadable.
All tubing case heads are without head-stamp and pocketed for large-rifle Boxer primers.
This ammunition, while, most often Berdan-primed, can sometimes be encountered with Boxer primers.
To the best of my knowledge Winchester's cartridges always used Boxer primers.