Jean A.E., French physician, 1818-1891. See: Bouchut tube.
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Day-to-day oversight will be provided by the executive committee, comprised of members of a management board headed by Boer and including Muller; Jeff Carr, chief financial officer; Pierre Bouchut, chief operating officer for Europe; Kevin Holt, COO for the United States; and James McCann, COO, United States.
Bouchut, Eugene: Traite pratique des maladies des nouveaux nes, et des enfants a la mamelle, Paris, Chez J.
Bouchut, "Efficient numerical finite volume schemes for shallow water models," in Nonlinear Dynamics of Rotating Shallow Water: Methods and Advances, V.
The oldest is Christophe Bouchut, who was victorious in 1993 in a Peugeot 905, driving one of two LM P2 Lotuses; the most recent, Audi trio Benoit Treluyer, Marcel Fassler and Andre Lotterer, winners in 2011 and 2012, will be aiming for a hat trick.
Kevin Weeda, James Rossiter and Christophe Bouchut will be at the wheel of #31.
Bouchut hubo de soportar la fuerte oposicion del cirujano frances Armand Trousseau, quien promovia la traqueotomia en casos de obstruccion de la via aerea.
Even so, as Tucker and co-drivers Christophe Bouchut and Luis Diaz hit the road with the new HPD ARX-01g at the LMS enduro today, they'll have plenty of catching up to do after taking Silverstone off.
Finance chief Pierre Bouchut said Dia's enterprise value could exceed EUR4bn (USD5.
5 points behind championship leaders, France's Christphe Bouchut and David Terrien, who only qualified eighth with their Chrysler.
103, se refiere a las fuentes utilizadas para el tema de las perturbaciones sensoriales en A rebours; explica que ha seguido paso a paso los libros de Bouchut, Du nervosisme aigu et chronique et des maladies nerveuses (1860) y de Axenfeld, Traite des Nevroses (1883).