Bottled Water

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Packaged potable water that has been processed—e.g., filtered or distilled—or obtained from a natural source
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Bottled water also has less of an environmental impact than any other packaged beverage.
Industry sources further claimed that some bottled water suppliers had also started illegal businesses under the "umbrella" of registered companies, and added that these suppliers sold these illegal products in the market at lower rates than of the original ones.
According to Nestle's annual report, in 2009 the average consumption of bottled water in Latin America was 59 litres per capita compared to 100 in north America, 116 in western Europe, and 40, 14 and 14 in eastern Europe, the Middle East/Africa, and Asia respectively.
Environmental campaigner and Vale councillor Rob Curtis has now urged the authority to stop using bottled water.
For example, when GAO asked officials in the 50 states and District of Columbia whether consumers had misconceptions about bottled water, many said consumers often believe bottled water is safer than tap water.
Over 30 million people drink bottled water because it is good for you, not because it is fashionable.
Bottled water costs 1,000 times more than tap water, fifty glasses of tap water cost around one penny.
The programme is expected to highlight that after the programme sparked a number of campaigns against bottled water, sales dipped in April.
Italians drink the most bottled water per person, at nearly 184 liters a year--more than two glasses a day.
First, treat bottled water as a bona fide member of the beverage portfolio--not just an add-on.
Even in the developed world, bottled water has costs far exceeding those of tap water.
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