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Borzoi Maestro is the first horse that the racing syndicate of Battlefield Brook Racing have had with Bridgwater, who explained: "A few of the people in the group have known me for some time.
I rescued my first borzoi from our local humane society.
Marco's Horses [1976], Borzoi [1979], New Belgrade Stories [1981], and The Inverted Glove [1989]) take us to that seismic zone between the East and the West which houses three major religions and where, in the words of George Walter, "Christians, Jews and Muslims, mixed as the spices in a sauce, fecondated Europe with their marvelous brew" (Tesanovic 62).
Borzoi Gold Dust dressed for Christmas party in a pink sequin shimmer suit Eleven-month-old Tracey Clews and Bugsy the chimp open their Christmas presents at Southam Zoo in December 1968
Unfortunately for racegoers here and for whatever reason, Borzoi was suddenly shipped back to America before ever setting foot on the track in Britain.
They suffered during the months it took to get the case to court only to see the fine later reduced by a judge who probably parked his Borzoi outside with the Bentley.
Of course, you don't want to end up looking like a dog's dinner over the holidays and the contender for the best dressed dog in 1969 was six-month-old Borzoi Gold Dust who dressed for the Christmas party in a pink sequin shimmer suit.
Tony Beech was suspended for a total of five days (Sept 6 to 10 inclusive) for two separate cases of careless riding on Borzoi Maestro in the Rectangle Group Nursery.
The 11-year-old Borzoi cross, who has lived in rescue centres since he was a pup, at last had someone who wanted him after thousands rang following The Mirror's appeal last week to find him a home.
The contest rules are posted on the Borzoi Reader, Knopf's online literary magazine, at http://www.
The attack left their nine-monthold Borzoi dog, Mika, dead and a police dog handler with a dislocated shoulder.
After an all-the-way victory in the opener on the pony-sized Borzoi Maestro, he completed a quick double with another pillar-to-post success on Crafty Fox in the following 7f race.