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How companies get started in cloud computing is a topic we cover regularly on ReadWriteWeb, so it's exciting to see a program like Start-Up, Boot-up evaluate how the companies of tomorrow plan to incorporate cloud technology into their business from day one," said Alex Williams, editor, ReadWriteWeb and judging committee member for Start-Up, Boot-Up.
Since Wireless SFA is accessed via a handheld device, no laptop is required, eliminating time-consuming boot-ups, server log-ons and lengthy data retrievals.
Standard features include: hot key switching, front panel push-button selection, keyboard and PS/2 emulation for error-free boot-up, 10-second AutoScan function, cross-platform compatibility (when used with the OmniView Mac(R) and Sun Adapter), and a Belkin 2-year Warranty.
It includes new security features and has faster performance for graphic renderings, compiling, data transfers and system boot-ups.