Bonus System

Any system of health delivery that provides some form of financial incentive for its doctors’ ‘efficient’ use of services—i.e., by minimizing diagnostic testing, hospitalization and referrals to specialists
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The user / invertebrate is to be influenced preventively by an educational bonus model, a so-called activity bonus system.
Global Banking News-December 2, 2015--Irish central bank to revamp bonus system
One simple modification to the typical loss control incentive program is structured around a statistically driven bonus system that rewards subcontractors participating in a project's workers' compensation wrap-up program for better-than-expected claim experience.
Mike Stroh, Michael David's director of marketing, described the grower bonus system at Lodi Grape Day on Feb.
A GROUP of aviation employees are threatening to protest next week over a new bonus system.
Similar to the bonus system, once a salary increase has been approved, staff who only "partially meet" their work targets are also eligible to benefit from a pay rise.
Farrisee defended the bonus system, telling the House Veterans Affairs Committee that the VA needs to pay bonuses to keep executives who are paid up to $181,000 per year.
Banks are switching bonuses into basic pay as a consequence on the attacks on the bonus system, or in other words, the old system that rewarded them for success is being replaced by one in which they don't have to achieve anything to earn the same amount
Tory chairman of the Treasury Committee, Andrew Tyrie, who seeks fundamental reform of the bonus system said: "Well after the crisis broke, bonus schemes have continued to reward failure.
The National Federation of Sub-Postmasters, which obtained the figures for 2012/2013 under a Freedom of Information request, condemned the payments as a "kick in the teeth" for its members and called for an urgent review of the bonus system.
Despite purported persistent efforts of outgoing Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, to instate order in the bonus system, his Ministry also has substantial funds for incentives.
Meanwhile, the Maltese minister suggested that the bonus system should be established as a pilot project for three years.