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The decision to delay Starc's surgery is similar to the calculated risk taken by India with Sharma, who carried bone spurs through last summer's four-Test series in Australia, the paper added.
DRAGONS' Den star Duncan Bannatyne has undergone surgery to remove painful arthritic bone spurs from his shoulder.
If no surgery were performed on individuals with disc degeneration, where bones are rubbing painfully against one another, the constant biologic drive within our body is to grow bone spurs from one bone to another, bridging the gap.
Spondylolisthesis (a slipped or ruptured disc), bone spurs, and arthritic changes are common culprits.
While Erstad's ankle been diagnosed with everything from bone spurs to a bone bruise and even ligament and tendon damage, Erstad said the real trouble is coming from an irritated ankle joint.
General manager John Gabriel said the team and Hill's doctor most likely will determine by the end of next week whether there will be arthroscopic surgery for bone spurs.
MacGill twice went under the knife to have bone spurs removed from his bowling elbow and returned to international competition on both occasions, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.
He has had an assortment of issues with the injured area, including bone spurs, ligament and tendon soreness, a bone bruise and problems with his ankle joint.
He had been dealing with bone spurs, a sore tendon, a bone bruise and an irritated ankle joint.
Erstad initially went on the disabled list with bone spurs and possible tendon and/or ligament damage.
He has been on the disabled list since May 8 with bone spurs and a bone bruise in his right ankle.
Erstad first went on the disabled list because of irritation from two bone spurs in his right ankle.