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A standard text or other material used repeatedly. Boilerplate dictations are a standard tool used in voice recognition systems by radiologists and pathologists
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Pulliam, CPA, of Pulliam Financial Group PLLC, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, says, "The most common charge I see in CPA malpractice claims is `I didn't understand the boilerplate language in the CPA engagement letter.
In the news release, CBS's Survivor Finale and Survivor Reunion to Be Offered for Free to Select Comcast Digital Cable Customers Through General Motors Sponsorship, issued earlier today by Comcast over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the CBS boilerplate was incorrect.
There is nothing boilerplate about this,'' Romer said.
Grace Company, has since made a second career of promoting the report by making speeches and television appearances, and providing boilerplate copy for newspaper editorials.
Most of any Medicaid RFP is boilerplate, so the analysis will begin with Section 3.
In the news release, Knight Ridder Vice President/News Jerry Ceppos Announces Retirement, issued earlier today by Knight Ridder over PR Newswire, we are advised by the client that in the Knight Ridder boilerplate, the second sentence should read "The company publishes 30 daily newspapers in 27 U.
The story is almost a boilerplate example of how prosecutors can turn on informants who bring them glory:
Also, the fourth sentence of the Solid Information Technology boilerplate should read "headquarters in Cupertino, California" rather than "headquarters in Mountain View, California" as originally issued inadvertently.
Which accounts for all those lazy softball lobs he fed Gore and Bush, allowing them to spout boilerplate campaign rhetoric ad nauseam.
In Rapid Advance boilerplate, third sentence, phone number should be: 240-514-2000 ext.
A segment promising ``A Closer Look'' at Congress's fruitless quest for strict gun-control measures was anything but, simply trotting out typical boilerplate bipartisanship - Republicans saying it's the Democrats' fault, Democrats saying it's the Republicans' fault; the report declined to offer context suggesting where the truth might actually lie.
over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that significant changes were made to the final paragraph before the boilerplate.