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Anderson Gongalves da Silva (1) *, Paulo Roberto Silva Farias (1), Arlindo Leal Boiga Junior (2), Bruno Gongaves Lima (2), Nara Helena Tavares da Ponte (2), Raphael Coelho Pinho (2), Ronny Sobreira Barbosa (3)
Localities, stratigraphic range, and age: This Megaloolithus ooespecies is represented by eggs at Suterranya-1 and by scattered eggshells at the Orcau-1, Orcau, Llabusta, Vicari, Suterranya, Fontllonga L, Barranc de la Boiga, Moli del Baro-1, Serrat del Rostiar-2, Cami del Soldat and L'Espinau localities.
Mangrove pit viper, Boiga dendrophila uses its twin fangs, it punches holes into the skin of its victims.
The elongate maxilla of Boiga supports a grooved fang that is located at its posterior end and preceded by solid maxillary teeth, a condition termed rear-ranged or opisthoglyph.
Las especies dominantes son acuaticas o terrestres, con excepcion de Boiga blandingi y Dendroaspis viridis que son arboricolas y terrestres, y C.
Otro caso conocido es el ocurrido en la isla Guam, en Micronesia, donde la introduccion accidental de la serpiente Boiga irregularis indujo reducciones y extinciones en poblaciones nativas de la isla, afectando aves, murcielagos y reptiles.
Boiga irregularis Estimated potential economic impact to Hawaii: $29 million to $405 million
Prowling overhead power lines, members of the species, Boiga irregularis, occasionally short-circuit wires and cause local blackouts.
Kraus is particularly concerned about the threat of an infestation by Boiga irregularis, the brown tree snake.
Following the establishment of Boiga irregularis on Guam (Mariana Islands), presumably in the late 1940's, this snake has become a significant economic, biological, and human safety problem (Fritts 1988).
This habitat extension may be due to almost total absence of predation by insectivorous birds and mammals as a result of heavy predation of the latter by the brown tree snake, Boiga irregularis (Bechsterin) (Squamata: Colubridae).