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a city in Louisiana.
Bogalusa Heart Study - study of children in semirural area of Louisiana, focusing on natural history of coronary artery disease and essential hypertension; largest and longest study of its kind.
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When he worked in Florida, Raleigh'sSam Spilman , director of operational excellence in Carolinas Delivery Operations, led a 120-person team to Bogalusa, La.
Relationship of childhood obesity to coronary heart disease risk factors in adulthood: the Bogalusa Heart Study.
Bogalusa was on the border of Mississippi, close to the Pearl River.
Cardiovascular risk factors and excess adiposity among overweight children and adolescents: The Bogalusa Heart Study.
Holloway and Bogalusa Councilmember Marilyn Bailey-Crews both offered remarks reiterating their cities' commitments to the community collaborations emerging from the Quality Afterschool Initiative.
Survivors include her husband, of Sandy, Utah; her parents, of Eugene; a son, Joshua Rinehart of Bogalusa, La.
It's available on Lake Records, the UK's sturdiest trad-centric outlet, and includes such old favourites as Dippermouth Blues, Aunt Hagar's Blues and Bogalusa Strut.
Obstacles for Gulf sturgeon started in the Pearl River in the 1950s when underwater concrete sills were constructed to help maintain water levels for the navigation channel that connected the Bogalusa to the mouth of the West Pearl River.
Relation of serum lipoprotein levels and systolic blood pressure to early atherosclerosis: the Bogalusa Heart Study.