van Bogaert, Ludo

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van Bogaert,

Ludo, Belgian neurologist, 1897–.
Canavan-van Bogaert-Bertrand disease - Synonym(s): Canavan disease
Divry-van Bogaert disease - see under Divry
Nyssen-van Bogaert-Meyer syndrome - see under Nyssen
van Bogaert disease
van Bogaert encephalitis - a rare chronic, progressive encephalitis that affects primarily children and young adults, caused by the measles virus. Synonym(s): subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
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That may alter the functions in the brain, changing the direction of how the male fetus may later develop their sense of attraction," said Anthony Bogaert, the study's author and Canadian psychologist, who is a professor in psychology and community health sciences departments at Brock University, according to (http://edition.
Arena, an author, host, and commentator, provides interviews with 32 80s dance pop artists, producers, and industry professionals from Europe about their careers: Thomas Anders, Jo Bogaert, Pete Burns, Phil Creswick, Hazell Dean, Manfred Esser, Yasmin Evans, Claudie Fritsch, Junior Giscombe, Jaki Graham, Phil Harding, Klaus Hirschburger, Tom Hooker, Leee John, Carmelo La Bionda, Caroline Loeb, Paul Mazzolini, Liz Mitchell, Fab Morvan, Romano Musumarra, Taco Ockerse, Linda Jo Rizzo, Jack Robinson, Fabio Roscioli, Jennifer Rush, Sabrina Salerno, Ivana Spagna, Amii Stewart, Ric Tess Teiges, and Harriette Weels.
Specifically, Bogaert and Sadava (2002) posited that women may respond more strongly than men to the internal working model of attachment in social situations.
INTRODUCTION: Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis (CTX) is a rare autosomal recessive lipid storage disease first described in 1937 by van Bogaert et al (1) In 1974, Setoguchi et al.
At the same time, Nonwovens Industry has acquired the services of Ria Van den Bogaert, also in Brussels, through Baudry's own efforts, to represent Nonwovens Industry going forward.
Bogaert (2013b) hypothesized an identity-less masturbation pattern characterized by a need for physical release without engaging in sexual fantasy or thoughts/images of sexual partners.
To open his exhibit at Medrar Contemporary Art Gallery, Belgian artist Tom Bogaert wrote the name of jazz pioneer, poet, mystic and philosopher 'Sun Ra' in 27 tanning lamps.
Mots cles: Groupe de Recherche AHCISP: Ventura i Oiler, Surralles, Ojeda Mata, Mateo Dieste, Martinez Mauri, Kradolfer, Dominguez, Coello, Clua i Faine, Van den Bogaert, Stolcke, metissage, categorie sociale, systeme de classification sociale et politique, societes coloniales, ontologie
Bande a Part: Thomas Bogaert, David Brognon and Stephanie Rollin, Marie Jose Burki, Robert Devriendt, Lionel Esteve, Mekhitar Garabedian, Fiona Mackay, Xavier Mary, Benoit Plateus, and Helmut Stallaerts (The CAB, 32-34 rue Borrens, 1050 Brussels)
In 2004, social scientist Anthony Bogaert analyzed the
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