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London, Mar 8 (ANI): David Beckham has revealed his latest tattoo- a Renaissance-inspired body-art of Cupid and Psyche.
The latest body-art apparently totals Becks' tattoo- count to 14.
Hidden demurely behind blouses and stockings during office hours, the walking, talking, body-art galleries are flaunted at the beach or in Hong Kong's trendy nightspots.
Tattooist Kenny Chin of Solo tattoo agrees that the old stigma attached to body-art is fading.
The former Everton player, 22, has reportedly asked a body-art parlour in Cheshire to ink on the permanent bands on his wedding ring finger.
The program is a service to those whose body-art choices affect their social and professional options.
Despite recently adding swallows to his collection of body-art, the star is considering surgery to remove some older designs.
A rich spread of documents records and contextualizes sixteen early pieces, while key land-and body-art projects such as Landslide, 1968, Saltflat, 1969, Condensed 220 Yard Dash, 1969, and Parallel Stress, 1970, are detailed via photography, text, and video installation.
He must be the ultimate decentered subject; yet one suspects the symbolic relations of production this work entails would be little to the taste of those involved in today's body-art criticism.