Body Snatcher

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A person who illegally removes a dead body from a grave or vault, usually for profit. The practice was common in the 19th century due to demand for cadavers for medical students studying human anatomy
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If you bred Body Snatchers with The Feminine Mystique, Levin's novel would be the result.
It's based on the 1955 classic Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and Kidman is the worst thing about it.
In fact, the emergence was almost creepy, kind of like the pod people in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
The author explains how Hunter's contacts in the seedy underbelly of society, including London's infamous body snatchers, led ultimately to a revolution in medicine.
Pods have shed their horror film connotation: no body snatchers here.
In fact, on the heels of Deitch's show, a fresh crop of body snatchers was reported in and about London.
But these observations are a mere warm-up for a breathless rant about the political body snatchers that have invaded America.
The grotto blends in well with some of the dungeon's other macabre attractions which include exhibits of body snatchers Burke and Hare.
Imagine a cross between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Valley of the Dolls, and you've got a general sense of Ira Levin and William Goldman's chilling sci-fi thriller about two suburban wives trapped in a Connecticut village where all the other women suffer from a chronic case of mindless marital bliss.
Based on Finney's fiction and the subsequent cult classic 1956 film, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," the musical is a 14-year project by California composer & lyricist Bob Lesoine and his partner, award-winning playwright Bill C.
I know it's hard to remain cult-less in these days of mass social anxiety and instability, when each day brings new waves of terror to our fast-shrinking global village: mad rightwing bombers; out-of-control viruses; contracts on America; the Invasion of the Body Snatchers at the White House; the sudden, nerve-wracking reappearance of the word "socialist" as a political swear word in public discourse.