Body Attack

Circuit type aerobics characterised by ultra-rapid ('ballistic') movements
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It was a masterful performance for Nietes, a three-division titleholder who forced Reveco's corner to throw in the towel after scoring a knockdown courtesy of a furious body attack that was capped by a hybrid hook-uppercut to the jaw.
New versions of the gym's lifting class, SHRED, Olympian Les Mills classes, Body Attack, Body Combat, RPM, the indoor cycling workout timed to the rhythm of powerful music, Body Pump, Body Balance and BodyStep will also be launching as of next week for everyone to try.
11am: The Aviation Club Presents: Les Mills Body Attack
Guests also enjoyed Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Balance, Body Combat, Power Yoga.
Knowing that he's behind in the scorecards, Loreto desperately waged a body attack in the last three rounds, but the Thai was able to evade his lunges.
Hago cardio, correr, body attack, crossfit, todo lo que sea potente y de sudar .
Relentlessly, Green continued the body attack and knocked Petty to the ground for a second time in the first round.
Type one diabetes is caused when immune cells in a body attack insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.
Over the years the event has grown to include more than 250 participants with activities, such as Aqua Fitness, Yoga, Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Vive and Zumba classes.
From Body Attack to yoga and even salsa and Body Jam (yes boys - dancing), in a mission to improve everything from stamina to sexual performance, men are swapping free weights for fancy footwork and supple stretching.
Gold's Gym Wenatchee currently offers Body Attack, Body Flow, Body Pump and Body Vive classes, all from the Les Mills company's stable of fitness programs, whose classes reach about 4 million people each week.
Mayweather, utilizing a great body attack and some bruising straight right hands to the head, took the International Boxing Federation welterweight belt from Zab Judah in front of 15,170 Saturday at Thomas & Mack Center.