Body Attack

Circuit type aerobics characterised by ultra-rapid ('ballistic') movements
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I'VE BEEN struck down by the lurgy this week and I'm blaming the body attack instructor who taught the class even though she was loaded with the cold.
Relentlessly, Green continued the body attack and knocked Petty to the ground for a second time in the first round.
30am to 12pm, including the new Body Attack session which is launching at the centre in January.
Type one diabetes is caused when immune cells in a body attack insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.
Over the years the event has grown to include more than 250 participants with activities, such as Aqua Fitness, Yoga, Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Vive and Zumba classes.
From Body Attack to yoga and even salsa and Body Jam (yes boys - dancing), in a mission to improve everything from stamina to sexual performance, men are swapping free weights for fancy footwork and supple stretching.
Gold's Gym Wenatchee currently offers Body Attack, Body Flow, Body Pump and Body Vive classes, all from the Les Mills company's stable of fitness programs, whose classes reach about 4 million people each week.
Mayweather, utilizing a great body attack and some bruising straight right hands to the head, took the International Boxing Federation welterweight belt from Zab Judah in front of 15,170 Saturday at Thomas & Mack Center.
If you prefer group activities, we have more than 1000 fitness classes per week, including Body Pump, Body Attack, Metafit, G-Cycle, Pilates, Insanity and Zumba.
Gold's Gym and Get Moving will also offer body attack, body combat, and Zumba classes throughout the show.
The classes, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Attack, Zumba and Ultimate Workout, are being taken by instructors who knew Rob well.
Baxter came surging back with a powerful body attack which had Knight in trouble at the end of the second round though, and rallied in the last before Knight's arm was raised.