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The operations are due to start in the northern city of Bodoe on Jan.
1995), "The Virtual CPR: The Internet as a Local and Global Common Pool Resource", en Fifht Annual Meeting of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, Bodoe (Noruega), IASCP.
Avinor said some flights from Trondheim in mid-Norway to Bodoe, a city north of the Arctic circle, will be allowed for some six to 12 hours, depending on weather conditions which impact ash levels.
The attacker was assessed at a psychiatric hospital before being moved to a regular jail in Bodoe.
Yngve Aaroey, head of the military monitoring centre in Bodoe in the North of Norway, reports an ever-increasing number of Russian oil tankers travelling off the Norwegian coasts: a fourfold increase in the space of two years.
The injured pilots landed the 18-seat Kato Airlines plane at Bodoe in Norway where the axeman, an Algerian in his 30s, was arrested by armed police.
OSLO: The first child born in the northern Norwegian town of Bodoe has won the right to a fitting name: Thomas Millennium.
Travelers wishing to sign up in Norway can do so at any of the OLTD "IP zones" at the six main airports in Norway, Oslo International Airport and Bergen, Bodoe, Stavanger, Tromsoe, Trondheim and additional six medium-sized airports.