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Willy, 20th-century German physician. See: Schultz-Charlton phenomenon, Schultz-Charlton reaction.
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Sir Bobby Charlton is probably the most important player this country has ever produced.
He's much cope He said: "Wayne Rooney is a front player, Bobby Charlton wasn't a front player and he scored those goals from midfield.
The only thing I would say is if you're making comparisons, Wayne is a front player, whereas Bobby Charlton scored 49 goals as a midfield player.
Referee Istvan Zsolt intervenes after a foul on Bobby Charlton.
I have met with Sir Bobby Charlton and the team, and seen for myself the brilliant work that they do.
To reach 100 caps, have the cap presented to you by Bobby Charlton and then have a good performance and cap it with the important goal.
When I came across this, I never realised in my wildest dreams we would have this fantastic opportunitySir Bobby Charlton
He told us that we were a disgrace to the club, and that we'd woken Bobby Charlton up, that Bobby had come out of his room and seen us.
THE MODEL PROFESSIONAL How Wayne Rooney might look if his dream comes true - and he is honoured like legends George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton on a plinth outside Old Trafford (inset)
The Newcastle great, however, has backed Rooney to surpass Sir Bobby Charlton as England's all-time leading goalscorer.
Rooney is at the third position in United's highest scorer, 25 goals behind second placed Dennis law and 37 behind the highest-ever scorer Sir Bobby Charlton, the report added.
Of course, they did have George Best and Bobby Charlton, so they were not exactly short of talent.