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a foot covering; see horseshoeing.

shoe covers
protective coverings for shoes worn by surgical personnel working in a sterile environment in order to minimize contamination.

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Q. Why should people with diabetes wear shoes all the time? Earlier today I read an article about shoes and the different problems with different kinds of shoes. I can't find it anymore, which is why I didn't post the link. But in the article, it said that someone with diabetes or would likely eventually get diabetes should never go without shoes; whether inside or outside their house. Why would that be?

A. Many people with diabetes have decreased circulation, which means slower healing time. Adding to this, many also have neuropathy (nerve damage) in their feet. I have seen many diabetics that have decreased sensation in their feet and didn't even know it. If you can't feel it when you injure your foot, and it doesn't heal, it can lead to infection and amputation. Shoes protect feet from injury, that is why we recommend wearing them at all times. For this reason, it is also recommended that diabetics inspect their feet each day.
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Q. The cobbler's shoes are never fixed A bit philosophical/ethical question: do you think it’s a appropriate to an alternative therapist to treat people with disease he or she has and can’t cure himself?

A. Even dietitian can suffer from depression and eat too much, or a gym coach that suffers from injury that prevents him or her from exercising. The knowledge and capabilities are not dependent on the specific situation of the therapist, not to mention the many explanations for such cases.

However, I do agree it may seem a bit suspicious…

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ASV stands for Anti Shock and Vibration, a patented technology Sperry developed for boating shoes.
STEAL MICHAEL'S STYLE: Topman jeans, T-shirt and cardigan from New Look, shoes from Footlocker Nadia Grieco, 28, PA, originally from Italy You can spot Nadia's chic Italian style from miles away, with her funky oversized Fendi glasses, patterned scarf - which naturally matches her hair - camel coat, and boating shoes, worn with socks on show of course.
Sebago, long known for its boating shoes, takes its line beyond the water and into a more general casual, active lifestyle, with two new styles for summer.