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George A., U.S. physician, 1858-1940. See: Blumer shelf.
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The Wilds represents a fairly good habitat to breed these horses for reintroduction," says Blumer.
Becker (1960), Blumer (1969), Goffman (1963), Stone (1970), and Stryker and Serpe (1982) along with many others, have discussed how the social nature of role identities leads past behavior to constrain and restrict future actions.
During Lankford's prayer, Councilwoman Donna Blumer refused to bow her head and looked straight ahead with her arms crossed.
Abraham Blumer, an obstetrics forceps guru, I videotaped a lecture he gave to the residents and students in which he demonstrated the uses of all of the common types of forceps.
The City Hall reporters' memo complained that a quote critical of Belo's deal from Dallas City Council member Donna Blumer was not used in the Morning News' stow.
Herbert Blumer, "Social Problems as Collective Behavior," Social Problems 18 (1971): 298-306.
Symbolic interactionism was a collection of evolving methods before Herbert Blumer gave it a name in 1937 and much before it was clearly delineated as a methodology by Blumer (1969) in his landmark book, Symbolic Interactionism.
Kobenhavn last spoke to the world on the evening of Saturday, December 22, 1928, when she exchanged wireless signals with the Norwegian steamer William Blumer and the City of Auckland.
CITP, CFE, Managing Shareholder, Blumer & Associates, CPAs.
He then talked to Pires about the league following his fellow Frenchman's signing, before a call from Italian World Cup winner Marco Materazzi -- Chennaiyin's player-coach -- led to him lining up alongside the likes of Italian legend Alessandro Nesta, ex-Manchester City midfielder Elano Blumer and former English Premier League defender Bernard Mendy in the ISL.
Led by the their marquee player from Brazil, Elano Blumer, who has played for clubs like Manchester City and Galatasaray, Chennai have the right mix up front.
Our excellent references in recent projects in Latin America, and Voith s long-standing presence in Chile have been decisive factors in winning this new contract, says Marcos Blumer, President & CEO of Voith Hydro in Sao Paulo, Brazil.